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Flat, flexible donuts of carbon steel wool for scrubbing and polishing linoleum, vinyl, marble, and other hard floor surfaces with rotary floor polishers Size 15/16: 12 woollers per carton, approximately 390mm diameter Steel wool scrubber...

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  • Flat, flexible donuts of carbon steel wool for scrubbing and polishing linoleum, vinyl, marble, and other hard floor surfaces with rotary floor polishers
  • Size 15/16: 12 woollers per carton, approximately 390mm diameter

Steel wool scrubber

A steel wool scrubber, commonly known as steel wool or wire wool, is a versatile and highly effective cleaning tool made from ultra-fine, flexible steel strands. Its unique design and composition make it particularly useful for a wide range of cleaning and polishing tasks. Steel wool scrubbers come in various grades, ranging from coarse to extra fine, allowing users to select the appropriate grade for the specific job at hand.

One of the most common applications for steel wool scrubbers is in the kitchen, where they are used to remove stubborn, burnt-on residues from cookware, grills, and stovetops. The abrasive nature of steel wool allows it to scrape away tough stains and grime without damaging the underlying surfaces. It is also employed in the automotive industry to clean and polish metal surfaces, such as chrome bumpers and wheels, resulting in a lustrous finish. In woodworking, steel wool is utilized to smooth and prepare wood surfaces before staining or finishing. Additionally, it is employed in various artistic and crafting projects, including creating distressed or antique effects on furniture and art pieces.

Despite its abrasive qualities, steel wool scrubbers can be used with caution on delicate surfaces, as they offer better control than traditional abrasives. It's important to note that steel wool is susceptible to rust, so it should be kept dry and stored properly. Overall, the steel wool scrubber stands as a dependable and adaptable tool in the realm of cleaning and surface preparation, catering to a wide range of domestic, industrial, and artistic needs.

Wool scrubber

A wool scrubber is a versatile cleaning tool that finds applications in various cleaning tasks. It is typically made from natural or synthetic wool fibers, which are woven or compressed into a pad or sponge-like structure. Wool scrubbers are known for their excellent absorbency, softness, and their ability to effectively clean a wide range of surfaces without causing damage.

In household cleaning, wool scrubbers are often used for washing dishes and cleaning kitchenware. The natural fibers in wool scrubbers are gentle enough to avoid scratching delicate surfaces like glass and non-stick cookware, yet they are effective at removing food residues and grease. Moreover, they are absorbent, which makes them excellent for wiping down surfaces, such as countertops or sinks.

Wool scrubbers are not limited to the kitchen; they are also employed in various other cleaning tasks. For instance, they are valuable for cleaning cars, as their soft texture won't scratch the paint while effectively removing dirt and grime. They are also popular for personal care routines, where they can be used as bath or shower sponges, offering a gentle exfoliating experience.

Furthermore, wool scrubbers can be used in arts and crafts for various applications. Their soft texture can be advantageous in projects that require precise and delicate cleaning or blending of colors.


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