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Product Description What is Lemon? LEMON is ideal for cleaning floors, walls, sinks, baths, toilets, tiled areas and fittings. LEMON may also be used as an air-freshener. Main Benefit Has a dual action to remove...

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Product Description

What is Lemon?

LEMON is ideal for cleaning floors, walls, sinks, baths, toilets, tiled areas and fittings. LEMON may also be used as an air-freshener.

Main Benefit

  • Has a dual action to remove unwanted odours – it removes the source of the odour and perfumes the air.
  • LEMON kills germs.

Product Type

LEMON is a fresh, citrus-scented Commercial Grade Disinfectant with a powerful cleaning action that leaves surfaces disinfected, clean and perfumed with a lingering lemon fragrance.


  • Attacks and breaks down dirt and grease
  • Kills germs and destroys odours
  • Creates a long-lasting lemon fragrance

Lemon disinfectant

Lemon disinfectant is a popular household cleaning product known for its powerful cleaning properties and pleasant citrus scent. This versatile cleaner is formulated with the natural essence of lemons, harnessing their inherent antibacterial and antiseptic properties to effectively eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses from various surfaces. Its use extends beyond mere cleaning, as it also imparts a refreshing fragrance, leaving a room smelling clean and invigorating. In this informative paragraph, we will delve into the various aspects of lemon disinfectants, including their composition, benefits, and application.

Lemon disinfectants primarily contain lemon oil, derived from the peel and rind of lemons, as their key active ingredient. Lemon oil is rich in citric acid, which is renowned for its antimicrobial properties. This natural substance acts as a potent disinfectant, breaking down and eradicating harmful microorganisms, including E. coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus aureus, on a wide range of surfaces. Additionally, the pleasant aroma of lemon oil helps mask unpleasant odors, contributing to a cleaner and more inviting environment.

One of the most significant advantages of using lemon disinfectants is their eco-friendliness. Unlike harsh chemical cleaners that can be harmful to both the environment and human health, lemon disinfectants are typically biodegradable and non-toxic. This makes them a safer and more sustainable choice for households, reducing the risk of exposing family members and pets to harmful chemicals. Furthermore, lemon disinfectants often come in recyclable packaging, further minimizing their ecological footprint.

Lemon disinfectants find application in various cleaning scenarios, making them an essential tool for maintaining a hygienic home. They can be used to clean and disinfect kitchen countertops, bathroom surfaces, floors, and even appliances. Additionally, their versatility extends to deodorizing and freshening up spaces, making them ideal for eliminating unpleasant smells in garbage cans, refrigerators, and pet areas. Lemon disinfectants are also effective in removing stains and grease, making them a valuable asset in tackling stubborn messes.

Disinfectant detergent

Disinfectant detergents are specialized cleaning products designed to not only remove dirt, grime, and stains but also to effectively kill and eliminate harmful microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These cleaning agents are formulated to provide a dual-action approach, combining the cleaning power of traditional detergents with the sanitizing capabilities of disinfectants. In this informative paragraph, we will explore the composition, benefits, and common applications of disinfectant detergents, highlighting their importance in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

The key components of disinfectant detergents include surfactants, which help break down and remove dirt and grease, and active disinfectant agents such as quaternary ammonium compounds, hydrogen peroxide, or chlorine-based compounds. These active ingredients work by targeting and destroying the cell walls and membranes of microorganisms, rendering them unable to reproduce or cause infections. This dual-action approach ensures that not only is the surface visibly clean but also free from potentially harmful pathogens.

The benefits of using disinfectant detergents are multifaceted. Firstly, they offer a comprehensive cleaning solution that not only removes visible dirt and stains but also provides an added layer of protection against disease-causing microbes. This is particularly crucial in high-traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and healthcare facilities, where the risk of cross-contamination is elevated. Secondly, disinfectant detergents are time-saving, as they eliminate the need for a separate cleaning step followed by disinfection. They streamline the cleaning process, making it more efficient and convenient.

Disinfectant detergents find extensive applications in various settings. In healthcare facilities, they are indispensable for sanitizing surfaces, equipment, and linens to prevent the spread of infections. In food service establishments, they are used to clean and disinfect kitchen surfaces, utensils, and dishes to ensure food safety. In households, disinfectant detergents play a vital role in maintaining a healthy living environment by effectively sanitizing frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, countertops, and bathroom fixtures. Additionally, they are valuable in industrial and commercial settings to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Agar Lemon Disinfectant 5L

Agar Lemon Disinfectant in a 5-liter container is a highly effective and versatile cleaning solution renowned for its potent disinfecting properties and delightful citrus aroma. This product is a part of Agar's line of premium cleaning and sanitation solutions, designed to meet the stringent hygiene requirements of various environments, from households to commercial establishments. In this informative paragraph, we will explore the key features, benefits, and applications of the Agar Lemon Disinfectant in a 5-liter container.

One of the standout features of Agar Lemon Disinfectant is its powerful disinfecting formulation. It contains a blend of active ingredients, including quaternary ammonium compounds and natural lemon oil, which work in synergy to eradicate a wide spectrum of harmful microorganisms. This includes bacteria, viruses, and fungi, making it a robust defense against the spread of infections. Whether used in healthcare facilities, restaurants, schools, or homes, this disinfectant is a reliable choice for maintaining a clean and safe environment.

The refreshing lemon scent of this disinfectant is another significant advantage. Unlike many disinfectants that leave behind strong chemical odors, Agar Lemon Disinfectant leaves spaces smelling fresh and invigorating. This not only indicates cleanliness but also contributes to a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, making it suitable for use in public areas, restrooms, and kitchens.

The 5-liter container size is particularly convenient for those with high cleaning demands, such as commercial cleaning services and large institutions. It reduces the need for frequent refills, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning and disinfection operations. Moreover, Agar's packaging is designed with user-friendliness and safety in mind, featuring easy-to-use dispensers and child-resistant closures, minimizing the risk of spills or accidents.

Agar Lemon Disinfectant's versatility extends to its various applications. It can be used to clean and disinfect a wide range of surfaces, including floors, countertops, sinks, and restroom fixtures. Its effectiveness also makes it suitable for sanitizing frequently touched objects like doorknobs, handrails, and light switches. In healthcare settings, it plays a crucial role in infection control, while in the food industry, it helps maintain stringent hygiene standards.

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