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Durable premium grade plastic, strong enough for stacking several drawers Ideal for storing stationery and jewellery Translucent for easy identification of contents Aqua case, clear drawer Medicine drawer A medicine drawer, often found in homes...

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  • Durable premium grade plastic, strong enough for stacking several drawers
  • Ideal for storing stationery and jewellery
  • Translucent for easy identification of contents
  • Aqua case, clear drawer

Medicine drawer

A medicine drawer, often found in homes and healthcare settings, is a designated storage space for a wide range of medical supplies and medications. This essential compartment is crucial for the organization and accessibility of various healthcare items, making it easier to manage health and emergencies. Typically, a medicine drawer is divided into several sections, each designed for specific purposes. The topmost sections may contain over-the-counter drugs, such as pain relievers, cough syrups, and antacids, while lower sections are reserved for prescription medications, each carefully labeled for easy identification. Additionally, it may house medical equipment like thermometers, bandages, adhesive tapes, and various first-aid supplies. Maintaining a well-organized medicine drawer is vital to ensure the safety of individuals in the household, especially in situations where prompt access to medications is critical. In healthcare facilities, medicine drawers are usually integrated into medication carts, providing nurses and healthcare providers quick access to necessary medications and supplies for their patients. Keeping the medicine drawer up to date, secure, and well-organized is essential to ensure the well-being of individuals and efficient healthcare delivery, whether at home or in a clinical setting. Regular checks for expired medications and proper storage conditions are essential aspects of maintaining a functional medicine drawer.

Medicine storage drawers

Medicine storage drawers serve as indispensable components in both healthcare facilities and households, designed to securely house an array of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. These specialized drawers are integral for efficient organization and convenient access to essential healthcare items. Typically, medicine storage drawers are compartmentalized to accommodate a variety of medical items, promoting systematic storage and easy retrieval. The top sections often house over-the-counter medications, including pain relievers, antipyretics, and cough syrups, while lower sections are dedicated to prescription medications, each meticulously labeled for accurate identification. Additionally, these drawers may contain medical equipment such as thermometers, bandages, adhesive tapes, syringes, and various first-aid supplies, ensuring that individuals can respond promptly to health-related needs.

In healthcare facilities, medicine storage drawers are frequently integrated into medication carts, streamlining the medication administration process and ensuring healthcare providers have quick access to vital medications and supplies. For households, a well-organized medicine storage drawer is crucial for managing family health and responding to medical emergencies. Maintaining an updated and secure medicine storage drawer is paramount, as expired medications or improper storage conditions can compromise their efficacy and safety. Regularly checking for expiration dates and ensuring proper organization and storage conditions is essential for the effective and safe management of pharmaceuticals and healthcare items.


An "aqua medical drawer" typically refers to a specialized storage unit found in healthcare facilities, clinics, or hospitals designed to store medical supplies and equipment related to water-based or aquatic medical procedures. These drawers play a crucial role in maintaining organization, accessibility, and safety when it comes to medical items associated with procedures like wound care, irrigation, catheterization, or aquatic therapies.

Aqua medical drawers are generally configured to accommodate a variety of supplies, including sterile saline solutions, wound care dressings, catheters, tubing, and equipment used in hydrotherapy or aquatic therapy. The drawers often feature multiple compartments, dividers, and clear labeling to make it easier for healthcare professionals to quickly locate and access the required items during medical procedures.

These drawers are particularly vital in clinical settings, ensuring that healthcare providers have ready access to essential supplies and equipment to perform water-based medical procedures safely and efficiently. Proper organization and maintenance of these drawers are critical to ensure that sterile conditions are upheld, preventing contamination and maintaining the integrity of medical supplies. Regular inventory checks and restocking are essential to ensure that the aqua medical drawer remains well-equipped and ready for various medical interventions that require the use of water or aqueous solutions.

Carton Dimensions: W300 x D360 x H525mm 
Carton Weight: 4.05Kg 
Carton Quantity: 4 
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