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When customer safety is paramount in high traffic areas, the Bollard Safety Signs exhibit outstanding cautionary message performance. Re-usable product, store until required again. Ideal for shopping centre and building entrances. Slips over all current...

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When customer safety is paramount in high traffic areas, the Bollard Safety Signs exhibit outstanding cautionary message performance. Re-usable product, store until required again. Ideal for shopping centre and building entrances. Slips over all current safety bollards. Highly visible from a distance. 1230mm height covers full Bollard Three sided by 280mm wide. Weather resistant and easily washed down. Easily removed for storage if required. Made from heavy duty 5mm yellow substrate. Supplied flat, ready-scored and taped, for easy assembly.


Signage plays a pivotal role in our daily lives, often serving as an unobtrusive yet crucial aspect of our environment. These visual communication tools are designed to convey information, guide us, and even influence our decisions. From the moment we step out of our homes, we encounter a plethora of signs that shape our experiences. This informative paragraph explores the multifaceted world of signage, highlighting its importance, types, and the impact it has on individuals and society.

Signage, in its essence, is a means of communication through visual elements like symbols, text, and graphics. It bridges the gap between information and people, providing guidance, identification, and essential information. One of its primary functions is wayfinding, assisting individuals in navigating through unfamiliar spaces. In urban environments, road signs, street names, and directional signs enable commuters to reach their destinations efficiently, reducing confusion and frustration. In buildings, signage guides visitors to specific locations, such as offices, restrooms, and emergency exits, ensuring safety and convenience.

Road sign

Road signs are ubiquitous features of modern transportation systems, serving as crucial communication tools that play a fundamental role in ensuring road safety and efficient traffic flow. These signs are strategically placed along roadways to convey essential information to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. From warning of potential hazards to providing directions and regulations, road signs are a universal language that helps us navigate and make informed decisions while on the road.

One of the primary functions of road signs is to enhance road safety. Warning signs, often triangular in shape with distinctive red borders, alert drivers to potential dangers ahead. For example, "Yield" signs instruct drivers to give the right of way to oncoming traffic, while "Stop" signs indicate a mandatory stop at intersections. These signs are designed to minimize accidents and ensure orderly traffic movement. Additionally, road signs communicate speed limits, helping drivers maintain safe speeds and reduce the risk of accidents caused by excessive speed.

Safety signs


Safety signs are vital visual cues designed to alert individuals to potential hazards and provide guidance on how to stay safe in various environments. They use universally recognizable symbols, colors, and text to convey critical information swiftly and effectively. Common safety signs include those indicating emergency exits, fire extinguisher locations, and areas with high voltage. These signs are essential in workplaces, public buildings, and industrial settings, as they help prevent accidents, protect lives, and ensure compliance with safety regulations. By promoting awareness and adherence to safety protocols, these signs play a crucial role in creating safer environments for everyone.

House number signs

House number signs are small but essential elements of a home's exterior. These signs typically display the numerical identifier of a residence, enabling visitors, mail carriers, and emergency services to locate the property easily. House number signs come in various styles and materials, ranging from classic engraved plaques to modern illuminated displays. Beyond their practicality, these signs also contribute to a home's aesthetic appeal, adding a personalized touch to the facade. Ensuring that house number signs are clearly visible and well-maintained is crucial for efficient mail delivery and quick response times in emergencies, emphasizing their importance in everyday life.

Bollard safety sign

Bollard safety signs serve as important visual cues in urban and industrial environments. These signs are typically affixed to bollards, which are short, sturdy posts often used to control traffic or protect vulnerable areas. Bollard safety signs feature various messages and symbols, warning pedestrians and drivers of potential hazards or directing them toward specific paths. They are especially common in areas with heavy foot traffic, such as pedestrian zones, parking lots, and construction sites, where safety is a paramount concern. By providing clear and immediate information, bollard safety signs help prevent accidents, control traffic flow, and enhance overall safety in these spaces.

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