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These individually wrapped Duro Toilet Paper Rolls are made to last a little longer than the standard, with 700 comfortable 2-ply sheets. These present a stylish and economical option for busy washrooms where quality and...

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These individually wrapped Duro Toilet Paper Rolls are made to last a little longer than the standard, with 700 comfortable 2-ply sheets. These present a stylish and economical option for busy washrooms where quality and reliability are important. Suited for the D2TRD2TRSSD3TRD3TRSS and D3TRPdispensers.


Toilet rolls, often referred to as toilet paper or bathroom tissue, are an indispensable item in households and public restrooms around the world. This cylindrical product plays a vital role in maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness. A typical toilet roll is made from soft, absorbent paper that is designed to be gentle on the skin while effectively removing waste and moisture after using the toilet. The history of toilet paper dates back centuries, with ancient civilizations using materials like leaves, corncobs, and even seashells in the absence of modern toilet paper. Today, toilet rolls are available in various types, including single-ply and double-ply, and may feature additional attributes like texture or fragrance.

Toilet rolls come in different sizes and are typically sold in rolls that fit onto a spindle, making them easy to dispense. In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on environmentally friendly toilet paper options, which are often made from recycled materials or bamboo, promoting sustainability and reducing the ecological footprint. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the significance of toilet rolls, leading to temporary shortages in some regions as people stockpiled essential items. Toilet rolls, while seemingly mundane, are a testament to the importance of everyday essentials in our lives and continue to play a vital role in maintaining personal health and sanitation.


The humble toilet paper roll, a ubiquitous presence in bathrooms across the world, is an indispensable element of daily hygiene and comfort. Comprising sheets of soft and absorbent paper wound onto a central cylindrical core, the toilet paper roll has a history that dates back centuries. It represents a significant evolution from the leaves, corncobs, and other rudimentary materials our ancestors used for personal hygiene. These rolls come in various sizes and types, including single-ply and double-ply options, offering a choice in thickness and texture to cater to individual preferences.

Toilet paper rolls are designed for convenience, often equipped with an easily rotatable spindle to facilitate a controlled and clean dispensing process. The importance of this product was further emphasized during the COVID-19 pandemic when people rushed to stock up on essential items, causing temporary shortages in some regions. It serves as a symbol of daily routines and a cornerstone of modern sanitation, promoting health and cleanliness.

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the environmental impact of conventional toilet paper, leading to the emergence of eco-friendly alternatives made from recycled materials or sustainable sources like bamboo. This shift reflects a broader commitment to responsible consumer choices. The toilet paper roll may be an ordinary item, but it plays a pivotal role in our lives, serving as a silent guardian of our personal well-being and hygiene.


The Duro Toilet Paper Roll 700 Sheet, individually wrapped for enhanced hygiene, represents a notable evolution in the world of bathroom essentials. This product, known for its high sheet count and individual packaging, offers both convenience and sanitation. With a generous 700 sheets per roll, it ensures an extended usage period, reducing the frequency of roll changes and making it a cost-effective choice for households and businesses alike. The individual wrapping of each roll adds an extra layer of protection, preventing contamination and maintaining the freshness of the paper until use.

In an era marked by heightened awareness of hygiene, the Duro Toilet Paper Roll 700 Sheet Individually Wrapped meets the demand for clean and sanitary bathroom solutions. The individually wrapped rolls also make them easy to store and transport, a significant advantage for commercial establishments. Moreover, Duro's commitment to quality ensures that each sheet is soft and absorbent, delivering comfort and efficiency with every use.

This product not only satisfies the immediate needs of personal hygiene but also aligns with broader sustainability goals. Duro, like many other manufacturers, is increasingly focusing on eco-friendly materials and production processes, making responsible choices in the creation of their toilet paper rolls. The Duro Toilet Paper Roll 700 Sheet Individually Wrapped is a testament to the evolving world of bathroom essentials, where convenience, hygiene, and environmental consciousness converge to provide a superior and mindful solution for everyday sanitation needs.

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