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• Ideal general purpose bucket for window cleaning and general cleaning• Dimensions: W455 x D240 x H190mm EDCO CLEANING PRODUCTS EDCO Cleaning Products is a well-established name in the world of cleaning supplies, known for...

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• Ideal general purpose bucket for window cleaning and general cleaning
• Dimensions: W455 x D240 x H190mm


EDCO Cleaning Products is a well-established name in the world of cleaning supplies, known for its commitment to quality and sustainability. With a history spanning several decades, the company has earned a reputation for providing top-notch cleaning solutions to a wide range of industries, from hospitality to healthcare. This informative paragraph delves into the key aspects that make EDCO Cleaning Products a standout choice in the competitive cleaning product market.

Quality Assurance: EDCO Cleaning Products places a premium on quality. The company maintains rigorous quality control measures at every stage of production, ensuring that its cleaning solutions consistently meet and exceed industry standards. This dedication to quality is reflected in the effectiveness of their products, which deliver exceptional results and customer satisfaction. Whether it's cleaning chemicals, mops, brooms, or microfiber cloths, EDCO Cleaning Products guarantees reliability and performance.

Sustainability Focus: In an era where environmental responsibility is paramount, EDCO Cleaning Products takes its commitment to sustainability seriously. The company has adopted eco-friendly manufacturing practices, sourcing materials responsibly and reducing waste. Their product range includes a selection of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that not only deliver powerful cleaning results but also minimize harm to the planet. EDCO's sustainable initiatives extend to packaging, with efforts to reduce plastic and promote recycling, contributing to a greener future.

Comprehensive Product Range: EDCO Cleaning Products boasts a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions suitable for diverse applications. From industrial-strength cleaners for heavy-duty commercial settings to specialized products for healthcare facilities, their catalog caters to various cleaning needs. The company continually innovates and updates its product lineup to meet evolving industry requirements and stay ahead of emerging trends.

Customer-Centric Approach: EDCO places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. They understand that each client has unique cleaning challenges, and their team of experts is always ready to provide personalized solutions. Whether it's recommending the most suitable products or offering training on proper usage, EDCO goes the extra mile to ensure its customers get the most out of their products.

Industry Recognition: Over the years, EDCO Cleaning Products has garnered recognition and awards for its outstanding contributions to the cleaning industry. These accolades affirm the company's dedication to excellence and serve as a testament to its commitment to providing top-tier cleaning solutions.


The EDCO Mop Bucket is an indispensable tool for anyone who takes cleanliness seriously. This informative paragraph will delve into the key features and benefits of this essential cleaning equipment, highlighting why it is a trusted choice for both commercial and residential settings.

Durable Construction: The EDCO Mop Bucket is built to last. Constructed from high-quality materials, it can withstand the rigors of daily cleaning tasks in various environments. The robust design ensures that it won't easily succumb to wear and tear, making it a long-term investment that delivers consistent performance.

Multiple Sizes and Capacities: EDCO understands that cleaning needs can vary, which is why their mop bucket comes in a range of sizes and capacities to suit different requirements. Whether you need a compact bucket for a small space or a larger one for a spacious area, EDCO has you covered. This flexibility ensures that users can efficiently tackle cleaning tasks of any scale.


The EDCO All-Purpose Bucket is a versatile and reliable utility tool designed to simplify a wide range of tasks in various settings. In this informative paragraph, we will explore the key attributes that make this bucket a go-to choice for both professionals and homeowners, emphasizing its exceptional adaptability, robust construction, and numerous applications.

Durable Build: EDCO's commitment to quality is evident in the construction of their All-Purpose Bucket. Crafted from sturdy and resilient materials, it is built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. This durability ensures that the bucket remains a dependable companion for an extended period, making it an excellent investment for those seeking a long-lasting solution for their tasks.

Adaptable Design: The EDCO All-Purpose Bucket is aptly named for its versatility. Its design allows it to seamlessly transition from one task to another with ease. Whether you need to transport tools, mix and store liquids, or organize items, this bucket is up to the challenge. Its ample capacity and ergonomic handle further enhance its usability across various applications.

Stackable Convenience: Storage and organization are made simpler with EDCO's All-Purpose Bucket. These buckets are stackable, which means they can be neatly nested to save space when not in use. This feature is particularly advantageous for those with limited storage space, ensuring that you can keep multiple buckets on hand without cluttering your workspace.

Easy-to-Clean: Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is effortless with this bucket. Its smooth, easy-to-clean interior ensures that residue and stains can be swiftly wiped away. This feature is crucial when the bucket is employed in tasks involving liquids, ensuring that it remains pristine and ready for your next task.


The EDCO All-Purpose Mop & Squeegee Bucket, with its 11-liter capacity, stands as a compact yet highly versatile cleaning tool suitable for various environments. This informative paragraph explores the key features and advantages of this innovative cleaning solution, emphasizing its adaptability, space-saving design, and exceptional functionality.

Compact and Space-Saving: EDCO's 11-liter All-Purpose Mop & Squeegee Bucket is ingeniously designed to maximize space efficiency without compromising on functionality. Its compact size makes it ideal for environments where storage space is limited, such as small janitorial closets or residential cleaning setups. Despite its smaller footprint, this bucket offers impressive versatility.

Dual-Functionality: What sets the EDCO All-Purpose Mop & Squeegee Bucket apart is its dual functionality. It is equipped to accommodate both mop heads and squeegees, making it a comprehensive cleaning solution. Whether you need to mop up spills, scrub surfaces, or remove water from floors, this bucket can seamlessly adapt to your needs, eliminating the need for multiple cleaning tools.

Durable Construction: EDCO places a strong emphasis on durability, and this bucket is no exception. Crafted from high-quality materials, it can withstand the rigors of everyday cleaning tasks. The robust build ensures that it remains a reliable companion, delivering consistent performance over time.

Efficient Water Separation: The inclusion of a separate compartment for the mop water and a well-designed wringing mechanism allows for efficient water separation. This feature is crucial for maintaining the cleanliness of floors and preventing the spread of contaminants. The user-friendly wringer ensures that excess water is removed from mop heads with minimal effort.

Versatile Applications: The EDCO All-Purpose Mop & Squeegee Bucket is a versatile addition to a wide range of settings. It finds utility in homes, offices, restaurants, and janitorial services. Its adaptability simplifies various cleaning tasks, from routine mopping to tackling spills and stains, making it an indispensable tool for cleanliness maintenance.

Compact Mobility: The bucket's compact size and sturdy handle enhance its mobility. Users can easily transport it from one area to another, ensuring that cleaning tasks can be completed efficiently without the need for frequent refills. The convenience of mobility is especially valuable in larger spaces.

Affordable and Practical: EDCO consistently delivers practical solutions that offer value for money. The All-Purpose Mop & Squeegee Bucket is no exception, providing a cost-effective solution for comprehensive cleaning needs. Its compact design, durability, and dual functionality make it a smart investment for those seeking a versatile cleaning tool without breaking the budget.

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