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GOE is a natural waste digester, biocatalyst, and odor eliminator. Main applications include drains, septic systems, and holding ponds. It is also suitable for use in the following industries and applications: food processing, waste management,...

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GOE is a natural waste digester, biocatalyst, and odor eliminator. Main applications include drains, septic systems, and holding ponds. It is also suitable for use in the following industries and applications: food processing, waste management, dog kennels, portable toilets, agriculture, hospitality and hospitals.

*Contains naturally occurring enzymes, polysaccharides (natural sugars) electrolytes, combined with natural citrus extracts and coconut surfactants

Odour neutraliser

An odor neutralizer, also known as an odor eliminator or deodorizer, is a product designed to effectively eliminate or neutralize unpleasant odors in various settings. These innovative solutions are widely employed in households, businesses, and industrial environments to combat offensive smells and maintain a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. Odor neutralizers work by targeting the root cause of odors rather than merely masking them, making them a preferred choice over traditional air fresheners. The primary objective of an odor neutralizer is to chemically alter the odor molecules, rendering them odorless, rather than overpowering them with fragrances.

Odor neutralizers are available in various forms, including sprays, gels, powders, and even electronic devices equipped with filters. They are commonly used to address odors originating from sources such as pet odors, cooking, tobacco smoke, trash bins, and biological waste. In industrial settings, they are employed to counteract more potent odors generated by chemicals, manufacturing processes, and sewage. Moreover, odor neutralizers are often designed with environmentally-friendly ingredients to minimize their impact on the environment.

As an essential tool for maintaining a pleasant and hygienic environment, odor neutralizers have become a staple in the fight against unwanted odors, improving the overall quality of life and ensuring a more enjoyable living and working space for individuals and communities alike.


Deodorizers are products or substances specifically formulated to mask, neutralize, or eliminate unpleasant odors, offering a fresh and more inviting atmosphere in various settings. These versatile products play a crucial role in combating unwanted smells, and they come in a variety of forms, including sprays, gels, solids, and even electronic devices. The primary function of deodorizers is to provide a more pleasant olfactory experience by either concealing unpleasant odors with more appealing scents or chemically altering the odor molecules to render them odorless.

One of the key benefits of deodorizers is their ability to address a wide range of odor sources, from pet odors, food and cooking smells, to musty odors in enclosed spaces. In residential settings, deodorizers are often employed in bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas to maintain a fresh and clean environment. In commercial and industrial applications, they are used to counteract strong odors stemming from factors like chemicals, waste, and manufacturing processes. Furthermore, some deodorizers are designed with eco-friendly ingredients and sustainable packaging to minimize their environmental impact.

Deodorizers have become an integral part of daily life, as they contribute to enhancing indoor air quality and creating more pleasant and comfortable living and working environments. Whether used at home, in the workplace, or in public spaces, these products help control odors and promote a healthier and more enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. 


G.O.E., which stands for "Germicidal Odor Eliminator," is a powerful and innovative product line encompassing both deodorizers and odor neutralizers. These products are specifically engineered to address a dual purpose: not only do they mask and eliminate offensive odors, but they also possess germicidal properties that effectively disinfect and sanitize the environment where they are applied.

In the realm of deodorizers, G.O.E. offers a range of solutions that can effectively mask and neutralize unpleasant odors in various settings, from households to commercial and industrial spaces. These deodorizers come in a variety of forms, such as sprays, gels, and solids, providing flexibility in application to suit different needs. They work by concealing odors with pleasant fragrances while simultaneously combating the root causes of the smells, providing a two-fold approach to odor control.

The odor neutralizers in the G.O.E. product line take it a step further. They don't just cover up odors; they chemically alter the odor molecules, rendering them odorless. This approach offers a more comprehensive and long-lasting solution to odor problems, making them preferable to traditional air fresheners.

What sets G.O.E. apart is its incorporation of germicidal properties, making it a unique and hygienic choice. Not only does it combat unpleasant odors, but it also disinfects and sanitizes the environment, helping to create a healthier and more pleasant space. This dual-action approach, combining odor control and germicidal capabilities, makes G.O.E. a versatile and effective solution for maintaining fresh, clean, and hygienic surroundings in various applications.


  • A natural way of breaking down organic waste
  • Will not destroy friendly bacteria
  • Multi-purpose application
  • Provides an odour free, cleaner waste in food establishments
  • Rapidly reduces B.O.D. (Biological Oxygen Demand) in the wastewater
  • Creates a safer and healthier workplace
  • pH: 7.0 - 8.0
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