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Double the strength, high-performance cleaner, and deodorizer perfect for use in the home, office, shopping centers, and institutional establishments like hospitals. While ideal for cleaning heavy soil in toilets and washrooms, other specific cleaning applications...

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Double the strength, high-performance cleaner, and deodorizer perfect for use in the home, office, shopping centers, and institutional establishments like hospitals. While ideal for cleaning heavy soil in toilets and washrooms, other specific cleaning applications include floors, walls, and desks. Surfaces will be left clean with a lasting air-freshening effect. Suitable for application by spray and wipe, mop, or auto-scrubber.


  • Presence of a quaternary ammonium compound
  • Deodorises the surface leaving a Jamaican spice fragrance
  • Contains a synthetic booster and texture to ensure the scent remains after cleaning
  • Removes tough dirt and grime yet is suitable for use on delicate surfaces
  • Does not leave behind a slippery residue
  • pH: 6.0 - 7.0


A deodorizer is a product or substance designed to eliminate or mask unpleasant odors in various environments. It serves the essential function of improving the overall air quality by neutralizing or covering up undesirable smells. Deodorizers can come in various forms, including sprays, gels, powders, and even electronic devices. These products typically contain ingredients that either react chemically with odor-causing molecules or release pleasant fragrances to counteract the malodorous compounds. Deodorizers find extensive applications in homes, offices, cars, and public spaces to create a more pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

One common type of deodorizer is the air freshener spray, which is widely used to refresh indoor spaces and leave behind a pleasing scent. Another popular variant is the deodorizing gel or solid, often placed in small containers to absorb and neutralize odors over time. Additionally, deodorizing powders are employed for various purposes, such as deodorizing carpets or shoes. In recent years, technologically advanced deodorizers that utilize electronic processes, like ozone generators, have gained popularity for their ability to efficiently eliminate odors. Deodorizers play a crucial role in maintaining a clean and pleasant living or working environment, helping to combat unpleasant odors and improve the overall quality of the air we breathe.


A room deodorizer is a specialized product or device designed to effectively eliminate or mask unpleasant odors within enclosed spaces, such as homes, offices, or commercial environments. Its primary purpose is to enhance indoor air quality by neutralizing offensive smells and replacing them with more pleasant fragrances. Room deodorizers are available in a variety of forms, including sprays, plug-in diffusers, aerosols, and passive devices like scented sachets or potpourri. These products typically contain chemical compounds or natural ingredients that target and neutralize odor-causing molecules, effectively removing the source of unpleasant smells.

One of the most common types of room deodorizers is the aerosol spray, which provides quick and convenient odor elimination by releasing a burst of fragrant mist into the air. Plug-in diffusers, on the other hand, continuously release scented oils or gels into the room, ensuring long-lasting freshness. Room deodorizers are often formulated with a wide range of fragrances, allowing consumers to choose scents that suit their preferences, from floral and fruity to more subtle or neutral options.

Room deodorizers play a crucial role in creating a pleasant and inviting indoor environment by tackling odors caused by cooking, pets, smoke, or other sources. They contribute to a more comfortable and enjoyable living or working space, enhancing the overall quality of life by eliminating unwanted and distracting odors.


"Twice the Spice" is a unique and innovative deodorizer that offers a fresh take on odor elimination within enclosed spaces. Unlike traditional deodorizers, "Twice the Spice" stands out due to its dual-action approach, combining effective odor neutralization with an appealing scent profile that sets it apart in the market. This groundbreaking product leverages cutting-edge technology and advanced chemical formulations to deliver exceptional results in the battle against unpleasant odors.

One of the key features of "Twice the Spice" is its dual-action mechanism. It not only masks odors with pleasant fragrances but also actively neutralizes odor-causing molecules, targeting the root of the problem. This combination ensures that unwanted smells are not merely covered up but are genuinely eliminated, leaving behind a fresh and inviting atmosphere. The product is available in various forms, including sprays, diffusers, and even eco-friendly options, catering to different preferences and environmental concerns.

The scent profiles offered by "Twice the Spice" are a testament to its innovation. Unlike generic deodorizers that provide limited fragrance options, this product boasts a diverse range of captivating scents. From spicy and exotic aromas to soothing and refreshing choices, "Twice the Spice" allows consumers to customize their indoor environment according to their preferences. This variety enhances its versatility, making it suitable for homes, offices, commercial spaces, and even automotive applications.

Furthermore, "Twice the Spice" is formulated with eco-consciousness in mind. Many variants of the product are created using sustainable and environmentally friendly ingredients, aligning with the growing demand for green products. This not only contributes to healthier indoor air quality but also reduces the product's ecological footprint.

"Twice the Spice" represents a significant evolution in the world of deodorizers, offering consumers a highly effective and versatile solution for odor elimination. Its dual-action mechanism, wide array of captivating scents, and eco-friendly options make it a standout choice in improving indoor air quality and creating more pleasant living and working environments. Whether dealing with household odors, workplace discomfort, or automotive freshness, "Twice the Spice" is a game-changing deodorizer that meets the needs of the modern consumer.

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