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Urinals are the fastest way to move large volumes of urine from the human body into the sewerage system, however, with sometimes up to 20 men using the washroom at once this can lead to...

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Urinals are the fastest way to move large volumes of urine from the human body into the sewerage system, however, with sometimes up to 20 men using the washroom at once this can lead to very unpleasant smells reminding your customers that it is a dirty establishment.

These odors are mainly the result of a build-up of uric salt scale and biofilm of bad bacteria. The buildup reduces the flow through your pipes over time. New urinals and pipes don’t have this build up and that is why they smell clean for the first two to three months.

To maintain your urinals and pipes as new, you need to ensure that good, friendly optimized bacteria is in your pipes continually going to work and breaking down the biofilm and uric salts allowing all the bad bacteria, and smells to flow quickly to their destination.


  • Freshens urinal for 30 days
  • 15 x more fragrance which is gradually released over 30 days versus a vinyl urinal screen
  • No ozone-depleting ingredients and 1/10 the VOCs of most aerosols
  • Eliminates odors – Releases optimized bacteria that clean the urinal and eliminate odors at the source
  • Translucent flexible design – Allows full view of urinal drain to ensure optimal drain flow while trapping debris

Urinal screens

Urinal screens are essential fixtures in public restrooms and commercial facilities, serving multiple important functions. These screens are typically positioned inside urinals and offer several benefits. First and foremost, urinal screens play a crucial role in maintaining restroom hygiene. They act as a barrier, preventing debris, cigarette butts, and other foreign objects from entering the urinal drain, which can cause blockages and plumbing issues. Moreover, urinal screens often contain deodorizing agents, which release pleasant scents to mask odors, creating a more pleasant restroom experience for users.

In addition to their hygiene and odor control functions, urinal screens also serve as a visual deterrent for inappropriate behavior. Their presence can discourage users from disposing of trash or attempting to flush items down the urinal, reducing the likelihood of vandalism and costly maintenance repairs. Furthermore, urinal screens can be customized with advertisements or branding, offering a unique marketing opportunity for businesses looking to promote their products or services in high-traffic restroom areas.

Overall, urinal screens are indispensable components of public restroom maintenance. They contribute to cleanliness, odor control, and the prevention of plumbing issues, all while providing a platform for advertising and branding. These unassuming fixtures play a significant role in ensuring a positive restroom experience for users and minimizing operational disruptions for facility managers.

Urinal screens Australia

Urinal screens in Australia serve as crucial fixtures in public restrooms and commercial facilities, sharing many similarities with their counterparts worldwide but also reflecting some unique considerations in the Australian context. These screens are strategically placed within urinals to fulfill a range of important functions. First and foremost, urinal screens are instrumental in maintaining restroom cleanliness and hygiene. They act as a protective barrier, preventing debris, cigarette butts, and other foreign objects from clogging the urinal drains, which can lead to plumbing problems and costly repairs.

Furthermore, urinal screens in Australia often incorporate specialized deodorizing agents designed to combat the high temperatures common in the country's climate. This ensures that restrooms remain fresh and free from unpleasant odors, even in extreme heat. Additionally, as in other regions, urinal screens here can deter unwanted behavior, discouraging users from disposing of trash or attempting to flush inappropriate items down the urinal, thus reducing maintenance issues and vandalism incidents.

Moreover, urinal screens in Australia present a unique opportunity for businesses to advertise and promote their products or services. By customizing these screens with branding and advertisements, companies can reach a captive audience in high-traffic restroom areas. In summary, urinal screens in Australia play a vital role in maintaining cleanliness, managing odors, and preventing plumbing issues, all while offering a platform for effective advertising and branding in public restrooms across the country.

 Wave 1 Urinal Screens

Wave 1 urinal screens represent an innovative and effective solution for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in public restrooms. These screens are designed with a unique wave-like shape, which serves multiple important functions. First and foremost, their shape allows for optimal coverage of the urinal drain, preventing debris, trash, and foreign objects from entering and potentially causing blockages or plumbing issues. This design feature enhances the overall functionality and longevity of restroom fixtures.

One of the distinctive features of Wave 1 urinal screens is their incorporation of powerful deodorizing agents. These screens release a continuous wave of fresh, pleasant scents that effectively mask any unpleasant odors in the restroom. This not only creates a more pleasant environment for restroom users but also contributes to a positive perception of the facility.

Wave 1 urinal screens are also known for their eco-friendly attributes. Many of these screens are biodegradable, which means they break down naturally over time, reducing their environmental impact. This sustainability aspect is increasingly important in today's environmentally conscious society.

In summary, Wave 1 urinal screens offer a combination of effective hygiene maintenance, odor control, and eco-friendliness through their innovative wave-shaped design and deodorizing capabilities. These screens are a valuable addition to public restrooms, enhancing user experience and contributing to a cleaner and more environmentally responsible facility.

Part No Description
WDS10HMINT Wave Urinal Screen Herbal Mint Interclean
WDS10MGINT Wave Urinal Screen Mango (Orange) Interclean
WDS10ACINT Wave Urinal Screen Spiced Apple Interclean
WDS10CBINT Wave Urinal Screen Cotton Blossom (Blue) Interclean
WDS10CMINT Wave Urinal Screen Cucumber Melon (Green) Interclean
WDS10KGINT Wave Urinal Screen Kiwi Grapefruit (Pink) Interclean



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